The BBS Burgdorf is an innovative vocational training school and college of further education in the Hanover Region. It offers a wide range of courses qualifying for a professional career in commerce and industry, as a craftsman, or even for university. These courses are organized in 24 different types of full-time vocational school ranging from basic skills classes to A-level courses preparing students for higher education. Additionally, our school offers part-time courses providing a variety of more than 30 job qualifications in ten different vocational areas. Within the broad range of courses we have specialized on teaching skills which are connected with the idea of mobility. In this area we also offer full-time courses providing further education for car mechanics who have already gained job experience.

 At present, 185 teachers who cooperate in a number of teams are involved in the overrid-ing objective to qualify round about 3.500 students. Additionally, 25 employees work as secretarial and technical staff in our offices as well as social workers and caretakers, providing all the services necessary to keep our school running in terms of maintenance and care.

 For organizational reasons the vocational school is divided into two locations in Burgdorf. The school administration works in the headquarters at the Berliner Ring 28 in Burgdorf. The sprawling complex of buildings houses the departments of automotive engineering, metal engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, construction technology, wood technology, body care and cosmetics, home economics and nutrition, and the professional field of health. Furthermore, professions such as engine driver and specialist in public transport (bus and subway) are trained here.

 In a new outbuilding, the tertiary college for business studies and technology is also resi-dent at the location Berliner Ring, preparing A-level students for university.

 Latest technology in every classroom and the direct connection of theory and practice allow for a highly activity-oriented education.

The Burgdorf branch “Handelslehranstalt”, Vor dem Celler Tor 74, is home to the full-time and part-time courses in the fields of business and administration. Here, too, the latest computer technology is used by a competent staff in the training of automobile merchants, merchants in forwarding and logistics services, wholesale and export merchants, retail merchants and the merchants of transport service.

 Participation in competitions for students, in international school development projects and in European networks of vocational schools facilitates the influx of ideas to create innovative teaching projects. Regular sports festivals and cultural events contribute to make our school a special place to study and to work at.